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Teflon Hose - R 14 PTFE Hose
Hose & Braid Material : 304 / 304L/316/316L/321
Tube : Heavy wall innercore for corrosive service. Butt welded Annular corrugations, close-pitch, tubing.
Size Range : 6 mm ID to 300 mm.
Temprature :
200°C to + 800°C. for AISI 321 & 316
200°C to + 420°C for AISI 304 & 304 L
Application :
This hose is suited for any application where working conditions demand one or a combination of any of the following absolute leakproofness, a high safety factor, temprature extremes, vibrations, high working pressure and corrosion resistance. Applicable for cryogenic and chemical transfer, vaccum, super-heated steam, coolant lines, fuel and oil burner lines, petroleum, refrigerants, gases, poisonous media and food stuff.
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